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Ancient Art & Antiquities

APOLLO Art Auctions is one of the market leaders for Ancient Art and Antiquities.

Several times per year, the department offers the finest examples of Classical and Egyptian sculpture, Greek pottery, Roman bronzes, Viking and medieval artefacts, gemstones and jewellery, achieving record results by attracting a wide range of collectors — dedicated antiquities collectors, new buyers and institutions.

Apollo’s Antiquities department has specialists and consultants in London, the longest-established market for ancient art as well as a major fixture in the international calendar. Our team has a combined over 60 years of experience and engages with collectors, institutions and galleries worldwide.

For collectors, working with Apollo is a mutual relationship that grows with every acquisition. Our experienced and passionate team is committed to bringing ancient art closer to each and every client, regardless of experience and budget, providing them with the opportunity to acquire ancient art with trust. The department also provides a comprehensive and confidential selling and valuation services.


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