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Islamic Art

APOLLO Art Auctions specialises in Islamic Art, presenting a curated selection of historic and culturally significant works.

Apollo Art Auctions conducts multiple annual sales of Islamic Art, featuring an extensive selection of items encompassing carpets, ceramics, manuscripts, textiles, works on paper, and metalwork originating from the Islamic world spanning from the mid-7th century AD to the 20th century AD. This diverse range includes examples from regions as varied as the Middle East, southern Spain, China, India, and Southeast Asia, effectively illustrating the global influence of Islamic culture and the enduring appeal it holds for collectors.


Apollo's Islamic Art auctions are convened within our central London showrooms and consistently draw participants from across the globe, including those with a keen interest in historically significant pieces. The artworks offered in our auctions often find their way into esteemed institutions, prestigious private collections, the inventory of reputable dealers, and the discerning selections of interior designers.


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